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What Burglar Alarm Should I Buy?

A common preconception is that when people hear a burglar alarm sounding it is in error and neighbours / passers-by or the general public will simply just ignore it.

That is generally wrong. A good loud alarm will still act as a deterrent for intruders, either stopping them from entering your property at all and causing them to leave if it is triggered when they are already inside.

As Greater Manchester Police   point out, “ You should have a burglar alarm fitted on your house. An alarm puts off thieves and gets them to leave without exploring the rest of the house”.

Can a Burglar Alarm Save Me Money?

The most common reason to have an alarm fitted is always to prevent your home from being burgled. Being Broken into causes a lot of emotional trauma and having a good Burglar Alarm whether it is wired or wireless can prevent that. There’s is however another potential bonus which is reduced home insurance premiums.

Insurers generally offer homeowners with burglar alarms installed discounts on home insurance. We have heard that it can be as much as 20%. But if you do receive a discount then your alarm will need to be active for you to be able to claim or there is a possibility any claim may be rejected.

Which is The Best Alarm System For Me To Buy?

There are different types of Alarm Systems available with multiple levels of added benefits mainly depending on actual price and the added support services that accompany them.

The 1st question you should ask yourself is whether you need a wireless or a wired system.


Wireless Alarm System – These types of Alarms tend to be quicker and much easier to install hence they are generally cheaper to install. But offer a similar level of security as a wired system. They also be transferred to a new home if you decide to move. Visonic is one of the top manufacturers in the world of very high-quality electronic security systems and peripherals. We fit lots of Wireless alarms in and around Manchester.

Wired Alarm System – These are mostly cheaper to purchase, but more always much more expensive to install as they will generally need to undertake some channelling out of walls or channelling wires under floorboards and so forth which will cause some disruption and mess.

Do I Just Need An Alarm ?

There is normally a few other products that can give your home added protection


  • . Fake Alarm boxes

A fake alarm box is a box that isn’t connected to an alarm, it just looks like a live alarm box. They definitely wouldn’t prevent professional burglars, but as most break-ins are opportunistic and in a lot of cases kids or amateurs this may act as an added deterrent and can be placed on the opposite side of your home than the live Alarm box for added protection.  

However, we don’t recommend fake alarm boxes as a standalone security measure.

  • CCTV  

Whether it is installed on your home or commercial premises, the use of CCTV systems is definitely recommended to accompany an alarm system.

CCTV is another visible presence and a strong deterrent for criminals.

Can be monitored like an alarm system which will give a fast-acting response from either a security company or police.  

Evidence of a crime can be recorded and used to aid in capturing a criminal as well as prosecution in courts.

Whilst external sensor lights can be a useful deterrent for residential and commercial properties to prevent crimes on their own they are very limited in the results they will provide and should be accompanied by an alarm and ideally CCTV as well.  

  • Monitored Security Systems

Monitored Security Systems offer the highest level and a complete layer of protection.

Normally you will pay a monthly or annual fee to get 24-hour security monitoring from a company which that will oversee you and be notified when it is activated.

If the alarm sounds or in some cases someone enters your grounds, they will normally check firstly has if it’s been falsely triggered by checking cameras and calling the resident to confirm they are not on the scene. If it is a live alarm the monitoring company can then notify the police of a potential burglary and any available keyholder.


If you are after some advice on which alarm system to choose or are after a no-obligation quote then don’t hesitate to contact me as I am always happy to help.

Entry Tech Alarms are a Northwest-based home and business security, provider. We cover a wide range of security solutions, ranging from alarm systems and CCTV systems to access control systems. Sensor lights and perimeter security. Based in Greater Manchester we cover Bolton Manchester,  Stockport, south Manchester and a lot of the surrounding areas. Our clients would like a safe and secure solution to protect their homes and businesses, families and possessions. Entrytech strive to deliver on this every time,  by using the very best equipment and in maintenance and ongoing support you can receive.

 Rest assured that your complete protection is of utmost importance to us. We have a time served and very specialist team that are fully trained. We will always give each customer the most honest and open advice. If you are looking for an alarm or CCTV system in Bolton, Manchester, Stockport or anywhere in between please don't hesitate to call for a quote. 

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