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CCTV Installation


CCTV has more commonly been associated with shops, pubs, car parks and other public places.  


Now thanks to easier installation and lower prices, it is more accessible to normal households and is an ever increasingly popular choice for security-conscious homeowners. 


CCTV is one line of defence against burglars and criminals.


We find it works best when combined with other security devices, such as burglar alarms and security lights which we can also supply and fit for you as a full home security solution.


What to do next?

Fill in our contact form and we will arrange to come and see you and do a walk around and see where we think it's best to place your cameras, and because there are so many to choose from in style like the bullet type to the turret and dome type down to the traditional analogue using coax cable to IP cameras that use cat5 or cat6 type cables but offer far better options of analytics, megapixel range, image quality in day and night modes, the choice is almost endless but that's what we are here for.  


Wired or wireless CCTV?

Wireless CCTV, unless battery-powered, will always require 12v power so it's not truly wireless, with a wired system this carries the video and power down the same cable without the issues of wifi signal loss.  With a wired system, you can place the cameras wherever you wish, then the cable is run back to a central location where the DVR or NVR will be located.


Hikvision is the worlds largest supplier of CCTV and security equipment and we have been using their equipment for quite a few years now and we love the quality and their products.


With Hikvision, mobile connectivity is a prime focus and viewing your home or business on your phone is great for giving peace of mind whether it's from a notification when a loved one returns home to just quickly logging in making sure everything is safe and secure.  


With Hikvision and Entrytech you are in safe hands.

Our 4G wireless cameras are perfect for outbuildings, yards, barns fly-tipping spots, building sites, empty buildings and almost anywhere, the camera has a 30-day battery and can be powered indefinitely by solar.  The only requirement is a 4G signal.  If this is something of interest then call or email and we can arange a 4G site survey for you.