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Orisec wired alarm system with illuminated siren

Wireless Alarms don't need WIFI 



Visonic is one of the top manufacturers in the world of very high-quality electronic security systems and peripherals and is trusted by ADT and a popular choice for many families who require alarms in Bolton.


Visonic Wireless Burglar Alarms are quick to install and very easy for our customers to use and work well as a deterrent especially when accompanied by a CCTV system. 


Visonic alarms provide a complete range of wireless security products which includes sensors and detectors for residential and commercial properties.



Visonic wireless alarm systems are pet friendly as standard up to 35kg

EntryTech offer full intrusion, safety, emergency, communication, remote observation solutions, and more.


All Visonic Powermaster alarms from EntryTech are professionally fitted and maintained.


We will complete all installations to the highest standard.


Our price includes a fitting charge.


All our Installations can come with ongoing support and maintenance and this is recommended by all manufacturers.


If you live around Bolton, Manchester Stockport or South Manchester just ask for a quote and we will be happy to work out the best solution for you.  


We recommend having a door contact on your front door with a chime to sound if you forget to lock the door this is good in the event of someone trying to sneak into your property, this feature can be toggled on and off as you please.


We also recommend PIR sensors in the corners of all downstairs rooms, Hallways and upstairs landing. 


You also have the option of shock or vibration sensors to be fitted on external doors and on windows, this increases your level of security so that the perimeter is covered before an intruder can gain access.









Burglar alarm installers

Wireless Alarm with speech prompt 
Visonic wirless alarm system PM30

Arming away!

Please exit now!

Welcome to EntryTech - A leader of Burglar alarm companies in Bolton.

Our Burglar alarm installations for residential properties and commercial sites give you the dual benefits of easy installation and budget-friendly prices. Is it time to take your security up a notch?


Protect your assets


We all want our home to be as secure as possible, but up until now, sky-high prices have prevented property owners from getting access to the security systems they need. EntryTech is here to change all that, offering Burglar alarm installations in Bolton which provide a formidable defense against burglars and criminals.


Everything you need from the experts


The EntryTech team are CSCS cardholders who have been CRB checked; IPAF trained to use cherry pickers and scissor lifts in the installations of our Burglar alarm systems, and PASMA trained for scaffolding towers.


You can also rely on us for security devices that complement Burglar alarm systems - from security lights to CCTV, Locks, and more; it all adds up to comprehensive security systems that offer your property unbeatable protection!


EntryTech delivers Burglar alarms Bolton can rely on. A company which cares, Our business is founded on the principle that every customer should find the right Burglar alarms solution for them. Even after the point of sale, we are always here to provide our support, addressing any queries which you may have on your home or commercial security system.


Our teams of installers are the best at what they do and we don’t use salesmen! We focus on the products selling themselves allowing you to protect your property as easily and cost-effectively as possible. Come to EntryTech for the best Bolton Burglar alarms.


Believe in the best


We are official installers of Visonic, Texecom, Orisec & Ajax Burglar alarms, and security equipment. We have the utmost faith in this world-renowned brand’s - both us and our customers love the quality and functionality of the products.


Mobile connected


Most of our products offer all the advantages of mobile connectivity which makes monitoring security at your home or business ultra-convenient. With a Burglar alarm system, you can enjoy peace of mind thanks to the latest Burglar alarm technology.


Let's talk


Have a question about the most suitable Burglar alarm system for your property?


Or would you like a quick quote for a certain Burglar alarm installation?


At EntryTech we like nothing more than using our expertise for the benefit of our customers. Call us today for a demo on 01204 257999 

Wireless one
powermaster 10

Visonic PM10 alarm system is a very good system, wireless devices only

  • 30 wireless zones

  • 8 user codes

  • 12 or 24-hour back-up battery

  • Built-in PSTN dialer

Wirless two
Screenshot 2018-10-03 at 22.39.40_edited

Visonic PM30

Wireless alarm system with speech so instead of a beep when a door opens with this you get "Front door open" or when setting it say's "Arming away please exit now!"

Wirless three
More devices in the Powermaster range

Visonic PM33

Hybrid system that can be used anywhere you like, Wire and wireless combined so if you have existing wires this will work and also allows you to have extra devices on doors and windows without the need to wire them

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