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A Reputable Company 

EntryTech has been established for over 25 years only offers the complete and the highest level security solutions for your home or Business in Altrincham. Burglar alarm installation and Maintenance services for both domestic and commercial customers in Altrincham

A Complete Range Of Services

Our services include Burglar and security alarm supply and fitting, upgrades, servicing and CCTV in Altrincham.  We pride ourselves on giving every single customer a fully personal, efficient service with a mess free installation and unrivaled customer care and after installation care.

CCTV Altrincham

​     EntryTech Alarms  can help you with:

Intruder Alarm Systems

Wired Alarm Systems

Wireless Alarm Systems

CCTV Systems

Access Control Systems

Fire Alarms

Emergency Lighting

Electrical Services

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We are fully Accredited so you can rely on us to deliver the best security service for your home or bussiness. Covering south Manchester have fitted many Alarms and CCTV systems in Altrincham. To discuss your alarm system requirements or for a free quote, don't hesitate to contact us today.

Alarms Altrincham

Why Should I Get A Burglar Alarm or CCTV Camera in Altrincham?

The most Efficient and proven way of deterring an intruder or burglar from targeting your home or business is to have a visible  Wireless Alarm or wired alarm system installed. Just Having an alarm box on show on the external wall can be a deterrent but that is not not going to stop most determined burglars, so it will need to be accompanied by sensor lights and possibly a CCTV camera which will give more complete  shield of security for your property and grounds. I will give you the vast  benefit of my security installation experience and can do site visits to plan the best security shield for you.  

For Alarm installation Altrincham why not get a quick quote  

If you are worried when leaving your commercial premises or home empty for an extended period of time we can install a state of the art camera connected to your Wi-Fi, which will inform you if anyone enters your grounds. For CCTV installation click  the link 

The combination of Burglar alarm and CCTV camera is in most cases enough deterrent for intruders in Altrincham. Whichever system we recommend, I only fit the best quality Burglar alarms, CCTV cameras and offer total security at a very low installation cost.

Best Practice Home Security Altrincham 

 Protect Your Perimeter

Intruders target homes that because they are easy to get access to the grounds and property, so making your home less enticing to these criminals begins at the curb. Installing a fence is generally best practice,and it doesn't have to be 10foot high with razor wire to be an effective deterrent. A fence is only a that - an obstacle. It is the first things they look at and slow down entry and exit from a property. A determined burglar will not be stopped by a fence alone, so installing motion detectors, good security lighting, and security cameras at the edge of your property will create a zone of safety that potential trespassers have to enter before they reach your home or business in Altrincham. Most would prefer an easier target and move on. Having door and window sensors will then become the next line of defense for any would be intruder. If they break the contact then the alarm will fire and they can be scared off at that point. As much as you do if a determined burglar wants to target a home then following these simple steps will reduce the likely hood of it being your home or business.


Additional Measures for Home Security Altrincham

In addition to the best practices listed thus above, experts suggest further measures that will help one protect their home.

  • Put Your lights on timers

  • Install a peep hole in your front door or door Camera. 

  • Secure sliding doors with a blocking device. 

  • When loading your vehicle for a holiday do it in the garage with the door closed or out of site of the neighbors and passers-by

  • Mark identifying information on valuables to make the items difficult to sell and easy for police to identify.

  • Use a safe in your home or safety deposit box at a bank. 

We can offer even more suggestions for home owners to avoid falling victim to burglary in Altrincham just call for a quote or some advice.  

Business hours 01204 257999

Emergency  07729205291 

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