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I get asked a lot of different questions, so I have tried to answer a few of the most common here. If there is a question you have or require a quote the please ask and i will be happy to help. Quick Quote 

Visonic Alarms Frequently Asked Questions 


Are wireless home security systems reliable?


A few years ago, wireless alarm systems weren't considered to be as reliable as wired systems. Over the last ten years wireless communication technology has made some great leaps forward and improved significantly so today wireless home security systems both for residential and commercial use are very much side by side in reliability with wired but are a lot less messy to install  than wired. 


If I have a Visonic Alarm installed will it help my insurance rates?


Yes. Nearly every insurance provider will offer some level of a discount when a home has a monitored security system installed. They will in a lot of cases offer small discount for a non monitored alarm also. Check with your Insurance provider to see first though. 


What is a PIR?


(PIR) A passive infrared motion detector. This is an electronic security device that detects motion or body heat in the area being protected.So if an intruder enters the property or ground.  Most PIRs are designed to be used when the property is empty and no one but intruders would be entering.


What is a Zone?


When an alarm system is installed the property is divided into separate independent areas of protection based on their function. 
Each Zone can be activated or deactivated separately from other areas. This means that activity can occur in one zone without activating the alarm in other zones. So you could set the Visonic alarm downstairs while you are upstairs in bed.



Where would you install my Control Panel?


Before choosing the right location to install your home security system, we will need to bear in mind that it will need periodic maintenance.

A few recommendations for a proper place to install:
1. Make sure there is enough space to comfortably work and operate the system
2. Install the unit in an area, which is accessible without special equipment.
3. Install the unit within a cool, dry area - follow the manufacturer's directions for temperature rating.
4. Avoid installation in: attics, extremely hot or humid areas, areas subject to flooding or moisture, areas close to gas mains, areas which may be subject to remodel or change.


What if my power goes off will the Visonic Alarms system still work?


The Visonic alarm system has a back up rechargeable battery that will power the system until the electricity comes back on. The battery has approximately 24 hours charge without electricity, depending on the system type and how old the battery is. When the electricity comes back on the system will recharge the battery. We recommend the battery be changed approximately every two to three years.

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