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At Entrytech we install CCTV all over the Northwest including Bolton, Manchester & Stockport, we understand there are many systems to choose from like Hikvision, Axis, Uniview and many more and this can be confusing, but with a little chat and some understanding of what you need we will find the right solution for your budget so call now and see how we can help.

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Steinel are a high quality LED security light and PIR manufacturer with a wide range of products, They have low running costs, very long life span and this makes them perfect for todays eco conscious world. As well as looking good they also help with security especially in them winter months when it gets dark much earlier.

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Visonic is one of the best wireless alarm systems on the market and this is why ADT use them too, trusted and reliable and we at Entrytech have been installing visonic alarms systems in Bolton, Manchester & Stockport for many years, starting with their Powermax range and now the newer powermaster with longer battery life of 5 to 8 years this makes the powermaster range one of the best.  We Offer mobile app connectivity and also Alarm Monitoring For Extra Peace Of Mind Open 247/365

CCTV Alarms  Lighting 

Welcome to Entrytech, and thank you for visiting my site, if you are looking for a local security company to install a CCTV alarm system or security lighting for your home or security for your office or place of work then we think you have come to the right place.   

We are dedicated to finding and testing the best value for money (not cheap) systems out there, we never install systems that we have tested first, and feel the quality is up to our high standards, we only install equipment that will last, that will make your home or business more secure for years to come, in the neatest possible way, no exposed cables or loose wires, just a high-quality from start to finish.


Camera installation isn't just as simple as installing a camera and pointing it in the right location, there is a little more to it than that. CCTV cameras have lots of features built-in and although many are based around notifications and alerts some are important to how the image is actually recorded, and some of these settings were never mentioned by the suppliers when training.
This for me wasn't good enough so I went to Bolton college for 2 years and it wasn't for CCTV it was for photography, I found out the DSLR or mirrorless cameras had the same settings, and when I asked photographers what these settings were guessed what? Of course, they knew, so off to college, I went!  In class, the tutor was asking the class what's your inspiration. and people were saying "landscapes" others were saying "David Bailey" and Me! I said CCTV! I want to be better at CCTV, this got a few laughs but I can say it's worked. Now obviously, I couldn't do coursework based on security cameras so I had to pick something so in the end I went with portraits and considering I have 3 beautiful kids this should save me a few quid.


Anyways, the next time you are searching for a CCTV installer near me, or Alarm installer near me or even a Lighting installer near me look for "Entrytech" your local security specialist! 

Yours sincerely, 

Justin Pickering.