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Welcome to Entrytech

Home security, internet security, advanced CCTV systems, Hard-wired hybrid alarms 

CCTV Alarms Lighting 

Welcome to Entrytech, and thank you for visiting my site, if you are looking for a local security company to install CCTV, an alarm system or security lighting for your home or security for your office or place of work then you have come to the right place.   

We are dedicated to finding and testing the best value-for-money (not cheap) systems out there, we never install systems that are not tested first and feel the quality is up to our high standards, we only install equipment that we hope will last, that will make your home or business secure for years to come, in the neatest possible way, with a high-quality from start to finish.


Installing CCTV isn't just as simple as installing a camera and pointing it in the right location, there is a little more to it than that. CCTV cameras have lots of features built-in and although many are based around notifications and alerts some are important to how the image is actually recorded. Some of these settings were never mentioned by the suppliers when training.

This wasn't good enough so I went to Bolton College for 2 years and it wasn't for CCTV, I studied photography because I found that DSLR or mirrorless photography cameras had the same settings that high-end CCTV have and when I asked photographers what these settings are, you guessed it they knew, so off to college, I went!  In class, the tutor asked the class what's your inspiration? and people were saying "landscapes" others were saying "David Bailey" and Me! I said CCTV! I want to be better at CCTV, this got a few laughs but I can say it's worked. Now obviously, I couldn't do coursework based on security cameras so I had to pick something, in the end, I went with portraits and considering I have 3 beautiful kids this now saves me a few quid.

Thank you for reading and the next time you are searching for a "CCTV INSTALLERS NEAR ME", "ALARM INSTALLERS NEAR ME" or even a "LIGHTING INSTALLERS NEAR ME" look for "Entrytech" your local security specialist! 

Yours sincerely, 
Justin Pickering.


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