The Biggest Security Benefits of Wireless Alarm Systems

Updated: Mar 29

Prevention is one of the best available tools for stopping burglars. Figures from the London Metro Police show that in 2015, in 1 in 5 homes that got burgled had been left unsecured.

Lock your house or business every time you leave, even if you'll only be away a few minutes. In many cases, a few minutes is all a burglar needs. 

But locking your doors and windows is only the first preventative step. That's where wireless alarm systems can provide welcome peace of mind. 

Wireless alarm systems don't just use modern technology. They're also easy and safe. Read on to find out more about alarm systems for business and homes. 

Wireless Alarm System Installation is Easy

When you think of an alarm system, you may think of something that requires a lot of drilling and holes. But even wireless alarm systems with camera only require a couple of drilling holes at most.

What if you've got a landlord who doesn't want to invest in home security but doesn't want you to mess up your flat either? A wireless alarm system installation is a perfect compromise. 

Unlike a wired alarm system this doesn't require you to take an entire day off work and wait at home all day. Installation is fast, professional, and simple. 

Available Alarm Systems for Business and Home

Whether you have a home or business, wireless alarm systems have got you covered. If you still have doubts, look at the number of burglaries and robberies that get solved in London. It's alarmingly low, no pun intended.

Between April 2017 and April 2018, Scotland Yard reported 5.5 percent of burglaries got solved. The rate of solved robberies stood at 7 percent for that same time period. 

An alarm system uses motion detection and other technology to let you know if someone has entered your home or business for authorization. For extra security, you can add CCTV feeds.

CCTV stands for closed circuit television. It keeps a record of what happens inside your home or business, while a wireless alarm system sends out alerts when something unusual gets detected. 

Wireless Alarm Systems are Simple to Maintain and Use

We've seen movies where thieves cut the wiring on a security system before going inside a home and wreaking havoc. That's not possible with wireless alarm systems.

A few persistent burglars might try and jam the wireless signal before breaking in. But most burglars want an easy mark, not one that requires a lot of prep work.

Rest assured that a wireless alarm system makes life much easier for you than it does for potential criminals. The set-up is fast, which means your property won't get left unprotected for days or weeks while you try to figure out installation. 

If you move homes, taking your wireless alarm system with you is simple. There's no need to leave it behind because you can't figure out how to uninstall it.

Learn More About Wireless Alarm Systems

A wireless alarm system offers a wealth of security benefits without a lot of unnecessary complications. But we know you may still have questions about security alarm systems for business or home.

At Entry Tech, we strive to be transparent in our pricing. Contact us today to request a quote and set up a site visit.

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